Monaco Glitz and Glamour With Katie Holmes of The Queen Bee Preloved Boutique Monaco


July 12, 2022

Imagine a day on the water with French Riviera Boat Tours. Gliding serenely past some of the worlds most glamorous locations, Monaco, ST…

Imagine a day on the water with French Riviera Boat Tours. Gliding serenely past some of the worlds most glamorous locations, Monaco, ST Jean Cap Ferrat, Cap d Ail, to name a few. Watching the Super Yachts and the rich and famous at play. Chilled wine served, a glass in hand, your thoughts wonder towards your evening ahead.

I let you imagine for a moment. You have met new friends or a special someone on the beach or perhaps in one of the beautiful Mediterranean side restaurants we #RivieraBoatTours take you, for your lazy afternoon lunch.

Perhaps you came away to the glorious Cote d Azure for a quick getaway, to relax from the turmoil we have all faced recently, perhaps to escape the monotony of the office and home and this darn lock down or just perhaps to have your dream of a Shirley Valentine moment of self discovery and self indulgent release.

You came away packing light, few clothes, certainly no evening attire. Lets face it who needs many clothes in this magnificent Mediterranean climate of warm morning, hot afternoons and balmy evenings?

Except your new friends or a certain someone special have invited you to a party in Monaco, perhaps at the #CasinoMonteCarlo or to the Villa #VillaEphrussi de Rothschild in St Jean Cap Ferrat.

You need to look the part and place your best foot forwards. You need to shop and fast, yet lets face it who has money to splash at the moment. So high end #Designers are out and so are the #HauteCouture ranges you have seen browsing the glamourous boulevards or alleys of #Monaco

At #RivieraBoatTours we have the solution, a recommendation no less! You see we care for our guests, cater for their needs and wants, your pleasure is ours.

We do not want you to miss that date or the chance to have a night to remember nor for you to become Shirley Valentine or miss a your Cinderella moment.

My fashionable friend Katie Holmes, owner and founder of The Queen Bee Monaco has the very items you are seeking. She will dress you from the Queen Bee, style you and guide you towards hair and makeup locations within Monaco. Katie will be your go to girl.

Katie Holmes Below

Katie is former fashion Stylist at Conde Naste and Canel Plus, TF1, France 2 TV. Her shop situated a moments stroll from the high streets of Monaco and the Casino de Monte Carlo. I was browsing recently through The Queen Bee boutique, the quality and choice of the Designer and Haute Couture is staggering and for a fraction of the original retail prices, nothing yet for us men, however it does not stop you men from shopping for your significant other. Perhaps a vintage bag or shoes, much better and more thoughtful than the latest I think.

Designers at #TheQueenBeeMonaco include Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Lanvin, Dior and so much more.

The fashionista brands in The Queen Bee Monaco are the very essences of the colours and styles of the French Riviera. They whisper of what was and still is, the best and most synonymous connection to the timeless glamour of our very own Cote D Azure.

They conjure up images of Grace Kelly, Cary Grant, F Scott Fitzgerald, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, the ageless attractions and personas of the glorious Silver Screen. Of heady nights of Champagne and sunsets and poolside parties, carefree self indulgence. Who can I ask does not need indulging at present?

Its a time for change, a new look, new friends and acquaintances. A time to seize the moment and live as if today is all we have. So treat yourself and let Katie Holmes @TheQueenBeeMonaco assist you. Become your own Cinderella, why even wait for your prince?

In the words of Katie Holmes

” Many ladies in Monaco do not want to be seen wearing the same outfit more than once! Which gives us an exceptional privilege to have the latest high end brands in excellent condition “

Pre Loved Designer Clothing – No Compromise

Every piece of pre owned designer clothing we stock and sell is checked for authenticity and quality with the fight against counterfeit pre loved designer clothing being a high priority of ours, with our high end technology finding counterfeit clothing with a 99.9% efficiency, meaning you can trust in us for all your pre loved fashion needs and requirements!


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Beausoleil, France 06240

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