Reset. A New Mindset to A New World. Learning to Live Differently.


July 12, 2022

On the Cote d Azure we move into what hopes to be the final days of lock down. Its been a time for reflection, concern and hope. These…

On the Cote d Azure we move into what hopes to be the final days of lock down.

Its been a time for reflection, concern and hope.

These weeks, months and perhaps the next years are unknown. However we are all in the same boat ( excuse the pun ) and together we learn new habits to approach whats ahead.

One certainty is Time and Nature marches on and Nature is clearly benefiting from the lock down. The waters clearer, skies bluer, the sounds quieter and the scents hanging in the air are all the more intoxicating, bird song more the sweeter.

Spring brings rebirth, perhaps so does this Pandemic. Our rebirth towards respect, to a new thinking, a new approach to the mundane activities in life. The simple pleasures taken for granted… the cycle through the parks, the drive to see loved ones, the school run etc

Tell me do we all run back to the gyms and fitness studios? Classes crowed, perspiration abound, shared pools, theatres and restaurants.

Do we catch the next flight out to a favoured vacation spot or have we found a new love of our respected countries? Is our need to travel far and wide quashed or does the lock down leave you dreaming of far away places?

Do we head to the nearest beach? If so surely many have the same idea? Then after a day at the beach, towards a hedonistic night of clubbing? Or perhaps a city break, with museums and art galleries, pavements flowing with cafes and bars?

Or do crowds, shared entertainment venues, public places now become spaces of avoidance? Or perhaps this is just overthinking the knock on effects of Covid19?

I would love any readers to give your opinion.

Truly, I wish we find a balance, the balance so easily found in nature.

As we see in the canals of Venice, the bays and ports around the Mediterranean, Mother Earth has shown us the way, She has been our teacher. Will we take notice, will our eyes be open?

Nature had a short reset and brings home the fact that we only rent our space here. Man stops, nature continues and thrives.
The virus gave nature its this time to do so. We must also reset as nature shows us. We can clean up our acts and as with spring, blossom and work in harmony towards a shared existence.

To go back to our old normality would be a great loss for Mother Earth and for us its part time inhabitants.

From Personal place of reflection, I and we @RivieraBoatTours have discussed this at length and our conclusion is never to take for granted all the abundance that is around us.

Its too easy to see the work we do a a job. Its often difficult the day in and out, the concern for our clients, the considerations for catering, safety and ensuring that all are getting the best boat tour for their $$$. I have at times, certainly late in the season when fatigue sets in wondered what am I doing? Time for a change in life, back to the mountains and my other passion of mountaineering.

This pandemic has taught me how selfish my thoughts. I have allowed myself to become embroiled in a world of wants, caring only for my future, worrying about the judgements of other, instead of being in the moment and witnessing what is a fantastic job, out in the open air, floating around the French Riviera, enjoying the clients I meet every day, showing them the sites and seeing my world through fresh eyes daily. Yes the lock down and nature has been a teacher, one I will forever be grateful for. #frenchrivieraboattours

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